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Epoxy flooring in Fayetteville is a cost-effective liquid-applied flooring system that cures into a hard plastic surface. Our epoxy floor contractors offer high-quality epoxy services for residential and commercial clients in the Fayetteville area. No matter what you envision for your space, we can create a custom epoxy solution to fit your needs.

Epoxy floor coatings were commonly used for garages, commercial and industrial flooring. Epoxy coatings are normally applied over concrete floors to provide a high-performance, smooth, and durable surface that can last many years and withstand heavy loads. Now with the advent of metallic epoxy floor coatings there is a much broader use for epoxy floor coatings in residential areas such as basements and living area. Metallic epoxy can create effects to replicate marble, lava flow and much more. The effects that can be created are endless. 

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Epoxy Garage Floor

Epoxy Floors Fayetteville
Garage floor epoxy in Fayetteville, NC is the most popular residential use for epoxy. Our epoxy garage floor installers can bring your vision to life, whether you want a bright workshop in your garage or a car showroom. A garage epoxy floor coating is a cost-effective way to transform your garage with a beautiful, low-maintenance, and durable flooring system

Decorative Epoxy Floors

garage floor metallic epoxy
We offer many ways to achieve a unique epoxy floor for your Fayetteville home or business. A metallic epoxy garage floor, for example, can make a statement with a shimmering and brilliant floor. Epoxy flake flooring is another option for a multi-colored effect that complements your space and adds visual interest

Commercial Epoxy Flooring

commercial epoxy flooring
We offer epoxy flooring installation in the Fayeteville area for all types of commercial applications ranging from medical centers and schools to kitchens, retail stores, and food processing facilities. An epoxy concrete floor can transform your building by combining aesthetics with function and affordability.

Industrial Epoxy Flooring

industrial epoxy floor

We offer epoxy flooring installation for all types of commercial applications ranging from medical centers and schools to kitchens, retail stores, and food processing facilities. An epoxy concrete floor can transform your building by combining aesthetics with function and affordability.

Residential Stained And Polished Concrete 

Epoxy floor coatings
Concrete polishing and staining is an affordable way to revamp your worn-out concrete floor and transform it into a brilliant, smooth surface. Polished and stained concrete is easy to clean and maintain and may be stained for even greater beauty. Our residential and commercial clients in the Fayetteville area appreciate the low cost and reliable results of concrete polishing and staining.

Residential, Industrial And Commercial Epoxy 

Fayetteville Epoxy Flooring can provide you with residential epoxy floors for your garage, basement or living areas. In addition we also do epoxy flooring for industrial and commercial applications such as retail, medical, and food service operations.

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High Quality Epoxy Floor Installation

Professional Installation

Don’t trust your epoxy floor installation to just anyone.  A professional installation begins with careful preparation of your concrete floor. This is essential for adhesion of the epoxy. We fill all cracks and seams in your concrete and grind it to a flawless finish. If necessary, oil stains will be removed.

Your custom epoxy flooring in Fayetteville is rolled onto the surface. Depending on the look you want to achieve, we can add metallic mica flakes and color flakes for a beautiful decorative finish. A chemical-resistant topcoat is added for extra durability.

We follow this same careful installation process for all epoxy applications, including garage floor epoxy and commercial epoxy floor coating. We take the time to do the job right the first time with a focus on superior results.

What We Do

Epoxy Garage Floor Options


Your Fayetteville epoxy floor comes in many different styles, colors... 

Either as an understated low maintenance floor or a show stopping metallic epoxy application.

Metallic Epoxy Floor

A metallic epoxy floor is the ultimate solution for a one-of-a-kind garage or showroom. With the use of metallic mica chips mixed with your liquid epoxy, your flooring will have a mirror finish that resembles anything from liquid metal to water. A metallic epoxy garage floor is a fun way to transform your garage while enjoying all of the benefits epoxy flooring has to offer.

Epoxy Flake Flooring

This type of epoxy flooring achieves a beautiful surface that resembles terrazzo or granite. We create custom epoxy flake flooring with your choice of color flakes to best complement the decor of your space. 

Flaked epoxy flooring is commonly used in residential garages, hospitals, schools, assisted living facilities, and anywhere that can benefit from an attractive yet low-maintenance flooring solution.

Where In The Fayetteville Area Do We Install Epoxy Flooring


Epoxy floors are extremely versatile and make a perfect solution for your garage, basement, laundry room or living area.
They also provide huge benefits for commercial and industrial uses and applications

Residential Epoxy Flooring

Many customers chose epoxy flooring in the Fayetteville NC area to transform their homes and boost its value. The most popular residential application is garage floor epoxy in Fayetteville. 

Its strength, beauty, and ability to resist oil, gasoline, and other spills make epoxy a winning choice. It can be used anywhere in your home, from your laundry room and basement to your kitchen or living areas. 

With the availability of decorative epoxy flooring options you don’t have to worry about your home taking on a commercial feel.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Commercial epoxy floor coatings are a cost-effective and reliable solution to your flooring needs. 

Unlike most flooring systems, epoxy can withstand harsh disinfectants, chemical spills, and heavy foot traffic without looking worn or damaged. With a seamless, smooth surface, epoxy is also easy to clean and maintain to reduce facility maintenance costs.

Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Industrial facilities have unique flooring needs and epoxy can meet these challenges. Fayetteville Epoxy flooring  offers high-gloss seamless surfaces that are hygienic and easy to clean. 

Epoxy is also highly resistant to most chemicals providing a worry-free flooring solution. Epoxy allows us to use multiple colors to designate traffic and safety zones in your facility and anti-slip additives can be added to improve safety in your facility.